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Do I Need To Call My Own Insurance Company After An Auto Accident Even If It Wasn’t My Fault?

Not necessarily, no. Generally, if someone is injured, a claim is set up with the other insurance company. You’re also entitled to a rental as part of the property damage claim against the tortfeasor’s insurance. I advise that you let your agent know you were involved in an accident and that you are filing a claim against the other party with an attorney. I also advise that unless there’s an issue of comparative fault, then there’s no need to call.

How Important Is It To My Personal Injury Case That I Seek Medical Treatment As Soon As Possible After The Car Accident?

The defense attorneys will use it to their advantage if someone goes a certain period without seeking medical treatment. Unfortunately, people are often too busy with their lives to prioritize medical care. perhaps they have been injured on the job and think the injury will improve on its own. Three or four days later, it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. Then all-of-a-sudden, they realize they may have sustained an injury. In some cases, 3, 4, or 5 days or a week have passed with no treatment. At this point, it’s imperative to get them to a healthcare professional to document what their injuries are. Defense attorneys and focus groups will use it as evidence if medical attention is delayed or brushed off. As an attorney for personal injury, I also consider this myself when working on cases.

In one of the cases I worked on, a client of mine posted on social media that they have not seen a doctor, four days after the accident. This was used as evidence against her claims in court by the jury. The other side will use it against you if you do not appropriately respond to your injuries with immediate care.

What Is Safe Information To Share With The Hospital Who Are Treating My Injuries? Could Anything I Say Be Used Against Me Like Past Injuries Or Illnesses?

Information and details shared with the hospital are used against people regularly. So many times, an accurate review of someone’s medical history is necessary for a healthcare professional to provide appropriate care. Especially if an individual has had prior injuries relating to a specific body part that was injured once again. Perhaps to be able to compare new and old MRIs or old X-rays or for other reasons. In terms of protecting your medical history information, it’s simply necessary to share for someone to get care. Therefore, if a patient is not honest about a prior related injury, the defense lawyer will use this against them. I always advise that we move forward with what the facts are and present an honest case.

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