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Can My Own Insurance Company Potentially Help Cover Costs For My Injuries Upfront?

Your auto insurance generally can. However, hospitals can be quite clever. They often find out if someone’s involved in an auto accident because they’d rather file a claim against the opposing side’s insurance. This way they get 100% of the incurred bill, as opposed to whatever the contractual rate is for health insurance. They’ll get away with it if they can even though there are laws that attempt to prevent this. I had a case where I was communicating with a medical professional for my client. I advised the doctor that what he was attempting, he would not be allowed to do under the law. I informed him he would have to submit the claim to the client’s health insurance under Louisiana’s balance billing act.

That’s part of our job as attorneys, and it’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years. Clients are generally satisfied on the backend because they know that I’m willing to reduce my fee, I’m willing to do the work necessary to get them a higher amount in their pocket. In some cases, the client may have otherwise gotten less than a third of what they receive with my support.

What Are The Risks Of Having Any Contact With That At-Fault Insurance Party?

The at-fault insurance party is going to want a recorded statement. If the person giving that statement hasn’t consulted with an attorney, there are many ways they would attempt to trick someone into answering a certain way. The risks are that included upon having any contact with the at-fault insurance party ultimately jeopardize your claim.

If The Insurance Company Offers Me A Settlement Right Away Upfront, Should I Just Go Ahead And Take It?

No. Not even simply because it’s an unfair settlement amount. Instead, because it’s too soon.

Insurance companies use statistics as a part of their playbook. They estimate that if you can settle within the first month or the first week, it significantly reduces the total number that’s paid for claims. Their adjusters are trained on procedures to minimize payout, and they’ll often contact a person to make them an offer. They’ll even try to make that offer to the attorney. The problem with these offers is most of the time, people are still recovering from their injuries and don’t know that they may need additional medical treatment or support for their injury. Down the road, they may end up suffering from an injury without the means for appropriate care because they settle for too little.

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