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Do You Have Your Clients Keep Any Sort Of Log Or Pain Or Healing Diary? And What Information Is Important To Keep?

Yes. It is very difficult to remember the fine details of any given moment or memory. Documentation is imperative because down the road when you go to trial, you need to be able to refresh your memory about how this experience has affected you and the people you love. Being able to do so with as much detail as possible is critical to having a strong case. It serves as evidence of how your injury has affected your daily living, your enjoyment of life, and how you’ve had to adjust that life to deal with the limitations that were brought about by an injury.

Why Is It Crucial To Both Your Healing Process As Well As Your Personal Injury Case That You Follow The Medical Treatment Plans, You’re Not Missing Appointments And Doing All That You’re Supposed To Do?

Most importantly, to ensure a speedy recovery. But also so that you appear to be appropriately responding to your injury. For example, if you post a video on social media that gives an impression of you not exhibiting any signs of discomfort from your injury, it will be used against you in court.

Everything you do is subject to being put under a microscope. Therefore, when it comes to following the recommendations of a doctor, it’s critical to follow instructions. There is an easy argument that “The reason you need additional medical care is that you’ve not been compliant”. If your opposing party in court is using this argument against you, a very challenging and difficult case is presented.

Therefore, not getting medical care has legal consequences, health consequences, and certainly financial consequences. I advise that if you have any questions about what the doctor has told you to do or not do, call me and if necessary, we’ll get involved.

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