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What Questions Should I Be Asking Prospective Personal Injury Attorneys?

What are your obligations as a client? Are you going to be stuck with medical bills? What about if I can’t work? Are you in a position to help me financially with a line of credit? Can you provide an advance towards necessary living expenses?

Our state allows for lawyers to provide for the necessary living expenses of clients who have been injured and are unable to take care of those necessary living expenses. Ask the lawyer if he or she has the proper resources to help with these living expenses if it becomes necessary.

Ask them about what other work they do. What kind of cases have they handled before?

Oftentimes, clients want to know early on, the value of their case. The truth is the value of any given case is unknown at that stage in the process. You can ask all you want but if a lawyer gives you an answer, they aren’t being honest.

Can I Even Afford The Very Best Personal Injury Representation?

Yes, we work on a contingency basis. I work for a third of a contingency contract for personal injury representation.

Big advertising firms that have large advertising budgets and a large amount of staff have contracts of at least 40%. My contract is only one-third; if I have to go to trial, it goes up to 3/7th. Yet, the only contract of mine that’s 40% is medical malpractice, because those are significantly more complex, more expensive, and much riskier. In any case, the contingency contract allows the person to get good representation at no cost to the injured individual, even if it’s a loss.

What Will My Personal Injury Lawyer Be Able To Do For Me That I Can’t Do On My Own?

A personal injury lawyer will be able to file a legitimate and accurate lawsuit that includes all possible claims for that individual. For example, I just filed a claim of a woman who was dating a publicly well-known person. He committed battery and was arrested after injuring her. I filed a suit against him. They’re not married, so there’s a provision in our law, 2350.3 that allows for punitive damages. These are exemplary damages for a domestic relationship. It includes people who used to live together but are not necessarily married. They don’t even have to be living together at the time of the battery. Now, that client would never know that themselves. That’s where I came in, an attorney at law for personal injury claims, with my knowledge on the matter. I included in the lawsuit to obtain punitive damages.

The truth is, to get a reasonable settlement at all for a personal injury claim, you need an attorney. Insurance companies will simply not pay above what they deem as fair for any claim. They have graphs and statistics that determine what amounts should be paid for claims, and they have attempted to remove the human factor completely. Thus making the process as stale and black-and-white as possible, so that they may run their enterprises as they wish. However, the fact of the matter is that our business is about humans, and humans are anything but black-and-white. Yet, this is not how things will be judged by an insurance company without the intervention of an attorney.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In How You Handle And Guide Your Clients Through These Cases?

Experience representing many different people. I’ve seen many scenarios play out, and have been doing this my whole career. I’m straightforward with clients or potential clients. I’m also available, personally available. I have some sympathy towards what clients are going through and invest myself fully into each of their cases.

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