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What Are Some Of The Severe Injuries You See Resulting From Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks Or Other Large Commercial Vehicles Across Louisiana?

The injuries resulting from trucking accidents have the potential to be the same as a regular auto accident. Often, the injuries are more severe simply because of the size of the vehicle and the impact associated with big rigs. Still, you can have a regular pickup truck that can cause as much damage to a vehicle and the persons in that vehicle. The injuries may be more severe, and those include neck injuries and injuries to the cervical disc. Generally, it is evenly split between cervical and lumbar injuries of the spine in those types of impacts because of the size of the vehicle and usually the speed.

Head injuries are also common, which may or may not result in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), but those can be devastating to an individual in their ability to work and the family that may be left to care for them. You’ll see knee injuries, ankle injuries, and hand and wrist injuries from holding the steering wheel. You often find damages to the hand and wrist, like carpal tunnel syndrome, may develop for people who have experienced that kind of jarring impact.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of The Accidents Involving Trucks Or Other Commercial Vehicles?

Many times, it is truckers that are simply driving hours longer than they are legally allowed to. Accidents can be caused by inattentiveness or the lack of sleep on the part of the driver because they have specific requirements that they need to make for deliveries, and often, those schedules will push the statutory limits. Another area you’ll find is a lack of maintenance. Usually, the maintenance records of a particular driver or company, whether it be the trucking company or whoever owns the vehicle, will need to be examined to determine whether or not they’ve been taking care of the regular maintenance requirements for that particular vehicle.

Who Is Potentially Liable For My Injuries Suffered From A Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accident That Occurred Near Lafayette?

Situations involving trucking companies are ultimately similar to professional negligence. The person driving the vehicle is ultimately the responsible party. Just as I am insured for my driving, they’re typically insured under a commercial liability policy. The trucking company or the business that owns the truck will have a policy in effect that would cover damages caused by a negligent driver acting as an employee or independent contractor for that trucking company. Many trucking companies also have surplus policies in effect. For example, suppose the injuries are catastrophic in terms of lost earnings, bodily injury, property damage, and exceed a million dollars without hiring an attorney. In many cases, there’s a surplus policy in effect that would not be discovered until a claim is filed and the attorney requests that legally.

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